Vatican, The Holy See, Vatican City State:
Vatican, Vatican Museums,
A major collection of Byzantine objects and manuscripts.
Vatican, Vatican Library is at
Founded by Pope Nicholas V in the 15th century, the Vatican Library possesses, amongst other things, 4500 Greek manuscripts. Treasure and library: sizable collection of objects of goldsmith´s work (enamels), textiles, illustrated manuscripts, for example Joshua Roll which consists of a parchment about 10,5 m. long and 31 cm high on which the exploits of Joshua are set out in uninterrupted sequence. The date of the work is the subject of controversy (5th century? 10th century?). Profoundly penetrated by Hellenistic traditions, the work perhaps evinces the antiquising taste prevalent at Constantinople in the tenth century
Cosmas ms.,
Menologion of Basil II (, Homilies of Jacob the Monk.
Vatican Museums, Pinatoteca: Byzantine and Italo-Cretan icons. Vatican Grottoes: 8th century mosaics, see:;
Lateran Museum
Treasure of the Sancta Sanctorum Chapel icons;
Kircher Collection (Museum Kircheriarum): enamels,; Barberini collection, Sterbini Collection, Stroganov Collections in Vatican.