Cyprus, University, Open University of Cyprus. An electronic edition of epigraphic texts from late antiquity: the collections of Cyprus and North Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.):
Cyprus, University of Cyprus, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies,
Cyprus, Places of Interests:
Cyprus, Angeloktistos. Church, whose name signifies “build by the Angels” Contains sixth century mosaics representing the Virgin between two angels.
Cyprus, Kyrenia: Metropolitan palace: rich collection of icons.
Cyprus, Nicosia: Archbishop’s  Palace: rich collection of icons, manuscripts. Maronite Bishop´s palace: collection of icons.
Cyprus, Paphos: St Neophytus monastery: 12th century frescoes, rich collection of icons.
Cyprus, Kanakaria, the church Kanakaria-Virgin on Cyprus contains fine seventh century mosaics.;
Cyprus, Lagoudhera. The frescoes rank among the masterpieces of the 12th century.