Ukraine, Natsional’na biblioteka Ukrainy im. V. I. Vernadskoho (V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine),
Ukraine, Kiev, National Museum: rich collection of Byzantine and Russian Icons (from Sinai).
Ukraine, St Sophia Church, Kiev, the doyen of Russian churches, was built between 1017-1037 by Yaroslav the Wise, in commemoration of a victory over the Petchenegs. It consiststed of five naves, later increased to nine, leading up to five apses and surmounted by thirteen cupolas tiered in pyramid fashion. At either end of the facade were two round towers containing spiral staircases which gave access to the tribunes and the palace adjacent to the church. These staircases were decorated with frescoes depicting secular subjects drawn from the life of the Byzantine court and festivals held in the hippodrome at Constantinople. The mosaics of St Sophia lie stylistically between those of Hosios Lukas and Daphni.
Ukraine, St Michael Church (With-the-Roof-of-Gold) Kiev, known as “the roof of gold” because of its gilded domes; decorated with mosaics in the purest Comnene style.
Ukraine, Archeologija – Journal,
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