Jordan, Mabada, Mabada map:
Jordan, Gerasa (Jerash) enjoyed grat prosperity during the Byzantine era down to the time of the Arab conquest in 632. Exploration of its ruins has revealed the existence of eleven Christian monuments and a large synagogue. The Cathedral dates from the end of the fourth century. The church of St Theodore and its baptistery date from 496. The ensemble formed by the rotunda of St John the Baptist, the Church of St George and the church dedicated to St Cosmas and Damian dates from c. 529-533. The last church to be built at Gerasa was probably that of bishop Genesios, 610. The town was demolished by an earthquake in 746 and from the eighth century disappears.
Jordan, Kusejr´Amra. Ummayad palace discovered by Czech Scholar Alois Musil
(, the palace is of the seventh century A.D., decorated with frescoes of Hellenistic inspiration.;ISL;jo;Mon01;4;en