Georgia. Situated on the Eastern frontier of the Byzantine Empire, Georgia presents the image typical of an artistic province of Byzantium. In the eleventh century Georgia was the centre of a brilliant civilisation linked with the reigns of David the Restorer and of Tamara. If Georgian architecture owes nothing, or practically nothing to Byzantium, the frescoes and mosaics decorating the churches at David-Garedja, Ateni, Ihari, and Gelati (10th-12th centuries) are thoroughly Byzantine in iconography and style. The Gelati monastery was the repository of the celebrated triptych of the Virgin of Khakouli (now in the Museum of Tiflis), one of the masterpieces of Byzantine goldsmiths and enamel work. The frescoes of the monastery of Tsalendikha executed by a Greek, Manuel Eugenikos, about 1384-1392 are one of the last masterpieces of Byzantine painting.
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Georgia, Dsromi, The church contains seventh century mosaics.