USA -  Washington, Dumbarton Oaks Centre, Harvard University, The most important center and the important collection of Byzantine art in the US. The website offers access to many resources, including manuscripts.
USA -  Byzantine Studies Association of North America,
USA – IBMGS – Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Belmont, MA,
USA –  LIBRARIES. The University of Chicago. Library, Chicago, Illinois USA:
manuscripts including the New Testament Rockefeller-Mc Cormick 2400 (13th century)
USA –  University of California,
USA –  Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey, Manuscripts collection:
USA –  Library of Congress,
USA – Ohio University - Resource Bank,
USA – New York, Pierpont-Morgan Library: manuscripts,
USA –  MUSEUMS. Metropolitan Museum, New York. Significant collection of Byzantine art, enamels:
USA –  Cleveland Museum of Art, in Baltimore, Ohio, significant collection of Byzantine art, manuscripts.
USA –  Walters Art Gallery Baltimore, MD, manuscripts, enamels, collection of Byzantine art:
USA –  WEB SOURCES. Dumbarton Oaks Publications: Electronic Texts Online
USA –  Dumbarton Oaks Papers (DOP)e-texts available,
USA –  California, Tebtunis Papyri Collection (Berkeley),
USA – Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame, digital resources in Byzantine studies,
USA –  Byzantium on the Internet - Paul Halsall,
USA –  Byzantine Architecture Project (Princeton),
USA –  Constantinople, Hagia Sophia Project,, also – Karanis, Egypt (Michigan University),
USA –  American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, includes links to web based epigraphical resources,
USA –  Worldwide Art Resources, Interactive gateway to all exemplars of qualitative arts information and culture on the internet,
USA –  AWOL, The Ancient World Online, latest links for Classical Studies and other related subjects, 878 titles of journals,
USA –  ABZU, Ancient Near East. A guide to open access data relevant to ancient Near East & Mediterranean studies,
USA – World of Late Antiquity,
USA – World History entry site,
USA – Thomas Head, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY. Hagiography:
USA – Saints, Sainthood and Society,
USA – Hagiography, Internet Medieval Source book, History, etc.
USA – Early Church Fathers (up to the 7th century) in translation,
USA – Early Christian Art, with further links,
USA –Princeton Iconographic Index:
USA – Christian Classics Ethereal Library, access to primary sources in translation
USA – Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ Categorized, searchable links to free, full text, quality controlled scientific & scholarly journals,
USA – Hugoye Journal of Syrian Studies,
USA –  International Medieval Congress, Michigan,
USA –  Medieval Slavonic Menologies on line,
USA – Electronic resources for classicists,
USA – Diotima. Materials for the study of women and gender in the Ancient World.
USA – The Latin Library at Ad Fontes Academy. A collection of Classical, Christian, Medieval, and Neo-Latin texts,
USA – Numismatic Bibliography. Annotated bibliography of all numismatics publications by the American Numismatic Society,
USA – Hyper text encyclopaedia of early church history.
U.S.A – Duke Data Bank Of Documentary Papyri (DDPDP), over 500 papyrus volumes hosted by the Perseus project,
U.S.A – Checklist of Greek, Latin, Demotic & Coptic Papyri, Ostraca. Searchable bibliography of all monographic volumes, both current and out-of-print,
USA – Patristic, Church Fathers, Early Church Fathers – Additional Texts,,
USA –  Byzantium. Byzantine Studies on the Internet, Bibliographies,;
USA – Netserf, Images, and texts related to medieval Europe,
USA –  Unbound Bible,
USA –  The Byzantine Empire Coins, Coinage of Byzantine Empire,
USA –  Sources, The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG),
USA –  The Medieval Review – search for book reviews or receive as e-mail,
USA –  The Byzantine Studies Conferences, USA,
USA –  This site links to Byzantine and other medieval sites,
USA –  This site gives links to all the main Byzantine sites,
USA –  World of Late Antiquity - James O’Donnell
USA –  The website for the Suda Lexicon on line project is,
USA –  Saints Lives Translations Projects,
USA –  private sites – Andrea R. Harbin, Byzantine and Medieval Links Index,
USA -  the personal blog of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Librarian,
USA –  Explore Byzantium – Chris Ambrose,
USA –  David Jenkins, Librarian of the Milton Anastos Collection, University of Notre Dame, Indiana,
USA –  Perseus - focuses on the classical world but has much material for the study of Byzantine literature and art as well,
USA –  Orb: Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean – also has a conference section,
USA -  Early Church Fathers on-line
USA –  Early Church Documents: A Patristic Encyclopaedia,
USA –  Visiting and Post-Doctoral Fellowships at Princeton University,
USA –  BOOKSHOPS and PUBLISHING HOUSES. Publishing Houses, Gorgias Press - reprints of books on Byzantine subjects and also on the Syrian Churches:
USA – St Vladimir´s Seminary,; SVS Press,
USA – The Catholic University of America Press,
USA – Willey-Blackwell,
USA – IVP Academic,
USA – Baker Academic,